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Rent Hotels, Kiev, rent hotel 1 $30 a month 000В St. Petersburg detached renovated four-story building with basement h=6m 3130м lift under the hotel and entertainment complex it is possible to increase an area of 14 acres without fees. Bodies.... read more → kievsan 29.10.2016 ID 204737 ₴250 000В month Ready turnkey business The ship has three decks 1-I deck restaurant Banquet hall up to 30 persons buffet -35 persons the galley is equipped with all necessary equipment and inventorspot... read more → PressRealty.Alexander 29.10.2016 ID 1518203 $51 900V month Rent a separate building on the hem, Andrew's descent 2 without a fee For rent detached building 1730 m2 on 3 floors +attic +basement brick non-residential Fund 2 log N -3 m planning under tenant.... read more → The Business Of Real Groups 28.10.2016 ID 1638354 ₴100За day Cozy and comfortable Hostel the heart of our capital city Kiev. What we have to offer The hostel has 19 beds The hostel is in the heart Kievan Lutheran street 6b. Techinnovation... read more → besthostel kiyv 28.10.2016 ID 1287809 ₴1 700V month Convenience You'll appreciate at once - m. Khreschatyk 2 min. walk where You can easily reach any point of the city. The hostel is in a beautiful old house. Tajikistanrepublic protected... read more → besthostel kiyv 28.10.2016 ID 1361045 ₴650За day 2. apartment in new building with Designer renovation 2013. Beds 6 2+2+2. 2 separate large bedrooms, 2 insulated balcony 2 bathrooms 2 dressing rooms air conditioning built-in kitchen... read more → Sale and rental of real estate 27.10.2016 ID 827565 $15За day Victory Avenue in Kiev. Across the road Ministry of transport Ministry of education Okhmatdet, the Central registry office. Next 10 minutes KPI, NAU, knau. In the house - the Bank point of catering. Cozy clean Studio apartment.... read more → Apartment for rent in Kiev 26.10.2016 ID 925664 $14За day The prospectus of the Victory Park area. Railway station 3 minutes walk. There are all necessary furniture and appliances - microwave, TV alginic Hairdryer iron washing machine holodilnikovoj crockery bedding... read more → Apartment for rent in Kiev 26.10.2016 ID 925692 $2 500V month Yaroslavov Val, 30A, 130 m2 FACADE 2500.e. Shevchenko Rent room in the historic center of Kiev the diplomatic quarter next to the Italian Embassy. The building after renovation. Two separate... read more → An NewDom 26.10.2016 ID 2008093 ₴450За day 1-bedroom apartment in the private sector near metro Goloseevskaya. New designer renovation. The Studio is equipped with new fixtures kitchen refrigerator a Hairdryer. microwave kettle crockery LCD televisiosta... read more → Zadok 25.10.2016 ID 1393201 ₴550За day Welcome to the cosy hotel is located in the private sector near metro Goloseevskaya 5 minutes walk. Each room is filled in his inimitable style

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