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30 october 2016, 06:08

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Pet hotel E-Mail Password Forgot password Have you ever been in a situation that You are going on vacation and just don't know who to leave your beloved dog or cat. You probably before you travel call up their friends relatives to shelter Your pet. But of course they find many different excuses then You will approach the hotel for animals where Your pet will feel at home. In order to leave your dog or cat just need to draw up a contract and you can safely leave your four-legged friend at the hotel where he gets to watch and take care of many skilled professionals. Often animals in hotels are in unusual areas in which there is a children's cot where you can play your four-legged friends. Also there are walks in the fresh air which occur at the exit in a large outdoor aviary. However, walks do not appear large angry dogs, they remain very large and spacious enclosures in which to relax before the arrival of their masters. Cats for a walk do not take and leave in a warm large rooms without cages in which there are bowls for food and water, toilet and centrifugal three-storey house where the cat can scratch their claws on the adapted for this kortedala. In order, the cats are not bored of the fence between their enclosures made of large mesh so that they could see each other. Know that each pet is given much attention so you can safely enroll your pet in this hotel. Hotel for dogs and cats, Veterinary Clinics of lassie - the first and probably the only zoo hotels which is situated in ecologically clean place near Kiev. She works since 1999. A great experience which has staff on the content and professional care for cats and dogs, the constant presence of a staff veterinarian and a convenient location in the city - are the hallmarks of our Hotel for dogs and cats. Our hotel is located on the edge of a pine forest. The start date shall be considered on 10 April 1999. It functions as a special hotel for animals; keeping of dogs and cats whose owners reside primarily in Kiev and Kiev region. We are ideally located in a pine forest on the territory of 15 acres of unique landscape for rest and recovery of Your pet. Our pet hotel is different from other locations. Not only people but animals are drawn to nature so we decided to open a hotel in a clean place. A pet hotel is located in the private sector in forest-Vodice

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