Hotel "European" - hotel in the heart of Kiev

30 october 2016, 06:07

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Hotel KIEV Dimitrova street 14a +38 044 200-10-48 Planning a trip to the capital of Ukraine one wonders How much it costs to get a hotel room. Meet In European hotel - cheap. We offer our guests a variety of accommodation types In the European service quality always on top. You can choose a hotel in Kiev which fits your comfort and budget. Visiting our hotel You find yourself in an atmosphere of comfort and peace. Here You will experience unobtrusive service at the European level. We make every effort to justify the name of the hotel and the expectations of our guests. With us You will feel the European capital of elegance and Ukrainian hospitality. The European hotel is a small economy class hotel in Kiev with sophisticated interior and comfort of home. Regardless of the apartment You will appreciate its reasonable cost, cleanliness and comfort. Service room service is available. Staff will make every effort to satisfy the most demanding guest and make his stay as comfortable as possible. The staff of the European is professionals who put their guests ' needs above all else. Are always welcome guests and are glad of their arrival at any time of the day. To return to our hotel - a good tradition for the guests. We have famous politicians and popular actors of outstanding athletes and tourists. We welcome all our guests. European staff provide a warm welcome and adults and children. Younger guests can stay with their parents free of charge. We will make a comfortable and enjoyable trip tourist trip or a romantic getaway for two. The capital of Ukraine is famous for its charming atmosphere of ancient streets and modern European quarters. Guests come here from all over the world. They are looking for a place to stay. The right choice is a hotel of European. Often the high prices in cheap hotels in Kiev commensurate with their poor service. Cheap motels are on the outskirts of the capital which creates difficulties while traveling through the city. We offer comfortable apartments and a high level of service at justifiable cost. Our hotel is located in the heart of the capital. Thanks to the convenient transportation You can get anywhere in the city. In the European hotel You will find peace and comfort. With us You'll feel right at home while being hundreds of kilometers from home. To avoid problems, we recommend to book hotel in Kiev in advance. European - this is a good option from the point of view of comfort of the location and save Your money. General description

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