Bakkara Art Hotel 3*

30 october 2016, 06:07

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Bakkara Art Hotel 3* Well Medium Bad The hotel location is good if you go by taxi or auto. From Hydropark metro telepath on foot 10 minutes. Reception is small and not comfortable. If you are expecting more than 10 guests, that is 4 seats at the bar. A Cup of Coffee there by the way cost 75 UAH. Standard Room with river view. The furniture is new. Carefully... Arrived in Kiev on the day of birth. husband. Stayed in a Baccarat game in 2 days. The hotel very much. With the arrival of the husband congratulated and the room we were expecting champagne and chocolate. It was a pleasure . The car immediately offered to put on a free guarded Parking near the hotel. Very convenient to get to... The hotel is situated in a picturesque spot - directly on the banks of the Dnieper. Very convenient for the sights of Kiev. The nearby metro. Very friendly staff. All very pleasant - and the atmosphere and the service and rooms. Came to Kiev for her husband's birthday. At check in the staff was amazing. From Moscow to Kiev came on the car since Kiev was not the final destination of our trip stayed at the hotel for one day. To wash to sleep and have a little walk around the city. It has managed to take us on a journey our puppy - Yorkshire Terrier Alfikom. As you know the location of... What I want to know about Kyiv Advise neurovasculare hotel Ciaverella close to the subway... Friends really need some advice. We're going to mention OTHERS in Kiev. Advise cozy restaurant for a small... Going to Kiev want to book a room in hotel baccarat which is on the water. Who was to say... Ask your question about the resort Until November 1, 2014 the hotel is called Bakkara Accord Hotel. City close to the center Proximity to airport - close to 20 km The proximity to the railway station - far gt 10 km All rights reserved. Reprint of the inclusion of information contained in promotional and other site materials in all kinds of databases for their further commercial use, placing such materials in any media and the Internet are allowed only with written permission of the publisher site. This service is purely informational. Website administration is not responsible for the accuracy and quality of information provided by site visitors including travel agents and

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